This week in On Shelves Now we look at the new Star Wars comics, Jessica Jones and Secret Wars 7.  In KAPOW! News we bring you some possible MAJOR X-Men spoilers from our investigative journalism team.  In Retros we look at X-Men 9, X-Factor 79, Uncanny 289, and X-Force 11. 

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This week in On Shelves now we finish up the Brian Bendis run on Uncanny X-Men with issue 600, and we start the post Secret Wars world before Secret Wars has ended with Extraordinary X-Men 1.  In KAPOW! News we have a very special visitor who delivers some VERY special news. And in Retros we read the Shattershot storyline in X-Men Annual 1, Uncanny X-Men Annual 16, X-Factor Annual 7 and X-Force Annual 1.

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This week in On Shelves Now we talk Secret Wars, Saga, Alias, Harbinger, the Daredevil TV show, Star Wars trailer and more. We then catch you up on all the crazy stories floating around the comic world in KAPOW! News.  And in Retro Reviews we read X-Men 8, Uncanny 288, X-Factor 78 and X-Force 10. 

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This week we continue to work our way through Secret Wars and some of it's spinoffs, Fear the Walking Dead, and spend most of the show actually talking about comic books.  KAPOW News does some of it's award winning in depth journalism by getting to the bottom of the Stan Lee intern incidents.   And in Retro Reviews we look back at X-Factor 77, X-Men 8, Uncanny X-Men 287, and X-Force 9.  

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This week in On Shelves Now we read up to issue 4 of Secret Wars, Old Man Logan, Southern Bastards and some DC comics.   KAPOW! News takes a deeper look at the newly unveiled Marvel lineup post-Secret Wars and the possibity of the X-Men joining the Marvel movie universe.  And in Retro Reviews we read Uncanny X-Men 286, X-Force 8, X-Men 7, and X-Factor 76.

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This week we review Uncanny X-Men, All New X-Men, and touch briefly on Secret Wars.  We then catch you up to date with all the important things going on in the world of comics in KAPOW! News.  And in Retros we look at Uncanny 285, X-Force 7, X-Men 5 and X-Factor 75.

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This week we take a look at BLACK VORTEX, finish Peter David's X-Factor run with 19 and 20, and more.  We then try and make sense of the upcoming Secret Wars in KAPOW! News.  And in Retros we pour through X-Men 4, X-Men 2 (whooops!), X-Factor 74, Uncanny 284 and X-Force 6.

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This week we review Amazing X-Men 15, Uncanny 28 and 29, All New X-Men 34 and 35, Shazam TPB and Multiversity- Shazam #1 and the Uncanny and X-Men Annuals.  We then present a more incorrect than usual KAPOW! News, and finish with Retro Reviews of Uncanny 283, X-Factor 73 and X-Force 4.  

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This week we review X-Axis 5 - 8, X-Factor 18, All New X-Men 34, Amazing X-Men 13 and 14, The Avengers, Wytches, and Punisher/Eminem.  We then catch up on all the New Year's exciting stories with KAPOW! News.  And this week's retro reviews look at X-Factor 72, X-Men 3, X-Force 4, Spider-Man 16, and Uncanny 282.  

Plus Star Wars 1.

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It's Three's Company time and we welcome longtime listener and emailer Katheryne from Philly to the show!  We talk about Dr. Who, Disney, X-Factor, Uncanny X-Men, Logan Legacy, The Flash and more!  Then we get a special Top 5 from Katheryne about Comic-Con Tips.  Rob does his best to deliver accurate (or even somewhat accurate) info in KAPOW News, and we finish with Retro Reviews of a NEW ERA:   X-Men 1, Uncanny 281, X-Factor 71, and X-Force 3.  

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