This week we take a look at BLACK VORTEX, finish Peter David's X-Factor run with 19 and 20, and more.  We then try and make sense of the upcoming Secret Wars in KAPOW! News.  And in Retros we pour through X-Men 4, X-Men 2 (whooops!), X-Factor 74, Uncanny 284 and X-Force 6.

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This week we review Amazing X-Men 15, Uncanny 28 and 29, All New X-Men 34 and 35, Shazam TPB and Multiversity- Shazam #1 and the Uncanny and X-Men Annuals.  We then present a more incorrect than usual KAPOW! News, and finish with Retro Reviews of Uncanny 283, X-Factor 73 and X-Force 4.  

Direct download: Uncanny_X-Cast_Episode_165.mp3
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This week we review X-Axis 5 - 8, X-Factor 18, All New X-Men 34, Amazing X-Men 13 and 14, The Avengers, Wytches, and Punisher/Eminem.  We then catch up on all the New Year's exciting stories with KAPOW! News.  And this week's retro reviews look at X-Factor 72, X-Men 3, X-Force 4, Spider-Man 16, and Uncanny 282.  

Plus Star Wars 1.

Direct download: Uncanny_X-Cast_Episode_164.mp3
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It's Three's Company time and we welcome longtime listener and emailer Katheryne from Philly to the show!  We talk about Dr. Who, Disney, X-Factor, Uncanny X-Men, Logan Legacy, The Flash and more!  Then we get a special Top 5 from Katheryne about Comic-Con Tips.  Rob does his best to deliver accurate (or even somewhat accurate) info in KAPOW News, and we finish with Retro Reviews of a NEW ERA:   X-Men 1, Uncanny 281, X-Factor 71, and X-Force 3.  

Direct download: Uncanny_X-Cast_Episode_163.mp3
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This week in On Shelevs Now we review Uncanny 25 and 26, X-Axis 1-3, Age of Ultron, Uncanny Avengers, and Walking Dead.  We then look at an insane amount of Marvel stuff in KAPOW News.  And in Retro Reviews we look X-Force 2, Uncanny X-Men 280, and X-Factor 70. 

Direct download: Uncanny_X-Cast_Episode_162.mp3
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This week in OSN we talk about All New X-Men 30 and 31, All New X-Factor 12 and 13, Amazing X-Men, Death of Wolvine 3 and 4, Original Sin 8, Sandman, and Batman Zero Year.  Then we review the Kings of Pain Annuals in Retro Review, and finish with an action packed KAPOW News.  All this and more X-Men talk then you can possibly handle.

Direct download: Uncanny_X-Cast_Episode_161.mp3
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This week in On Shelves Now we look at Nightcrawler, Death of Wolverine, The Death of Captain America, Justice League, and Flash. We also spend a good bit of time on Arrow, Agents of SHIELD and the future of comic television shows.  In Retro Reviews we look at Rahne of Terror, X-Force 1, X-Factor 69 and Uncanny 279.  And as always we finish up with KAPOW! News.

All this and more of the few minutes of X-Men coverage you crave.

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This week we review the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, All New X-Factor, Uncanny X-Men, Original Sin, other Original Sin books, Avengers Undercover, Walking Dead and Alex and Ada.   We then look at Uncanny X-Men 278 and X-Factor 68.  As always we finish up with KAPOW News.

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This week in On Shelves Now we talk about Uncanny X-Men, All New X-Men, Amazing X-Men, Adjectiveless X-Men, Nightcrawler, 100th Anniversary Issue, Saga, and Lazarus.  We also dive into the Veronica Mars movie, and tease next weeks Guardians of the Galaxy talk.  In Retro Reviews we look at X-Factor 67 and Uncanny X-Men 277.  We then wrap things up with Kapow News.  

Direct download: Uncanny_X-Cast_Episode_158.mp3
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This week in On Shelves Now we take a look at Cyclops, New Invaders, Avengers Undercover, Outcast, The Wake, Southern Bastards, Wicked and Divine, and MPH.   We then talk about X-Factor 66 and Uncanny X-Men 276.   And we learn about Batgirl, Netflix for Comics, Wolverine's Death, Dungeons and Dragons and more in KAPOW! News.

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