Here's the mp3 of the awesome rap sent in by Worthington (aka Aaron).  Special thanks to him again for the truly amazing work.

Here's the lyrics:

You just tuned into the Uncanny X-Cast
Explore the x-world in the Days of Future Past
With On shelves now, featuring the latest issue
Claremont days in the retro review
Brian P. New Mutant lover, X-vet is in your presence

Not failing to mention his obligatory Cypher reference
Robs back in the mansion, he's a year in the game
Never let him catch you disrespecting Mammomax's name 

Not a hour, hour half, keep'em two hours long
Need to hear Rob's cursing, Brian hating Skottie Young
Check the forum for posts on how Rockslide Rocks
Also get the link for Brian's fic Paradox.
Inside the mansion lighting all from Wolverine to Skids

This show should last forever, forget the wife and kids
Its been two weeks, you need your X-news fast
Click on your mouse, download the Uncanny X-Cast

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